If you have any technical questions, repairs or questions about installation, please first contact your specialist dealer from whom you purchased the device. Please have any proof of purchase available for quick processing. If you have any further questions, suggestions or other requests, our employees will be happy to answer your questions. Contacting us directly may result in costs.

Before you contact us, you can also visit our online service section:

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iGO Primo Navigation:

Important Note:

In the event of loss or damage to the micro SD memory card on which the navigation software is located, the corresponding navigation card license expires.


In this case, a new software license must be purchased together with a new Micro SD memory card.

Note on map updates:

To update your maps, please follow the instructions in our guide, which can be downloaded here.

Certificate of Authenticity:

All ESX Naviceiver devices have been delivered with an enclosed Certificate of Authenticity since February 2015. Please make sure that it is an original ESX Naviceiver device, before you purchase a device.

CE Certification:

All ESX Naviceiver models are CE marked. This means that ESX Naviceiver devices are in compliance with the essential requirements and relevant requirements for the operation within the EU. All CE certifications can be found here.